Dr. Quek Yeow Hsien



Dr. Quek is a Singaporean.
Born to a farmer who fathered him with a "do it once, do it right, no shortcuts" attitude, he is one determined perfectionist who demands more of himself than others would on him.

Having lived in a kampong in much of his earlier years and being a playful and curious kid, he had a much different childhood than someone his age. 
Lending him to this age, still a friendly kampong kid at heart.

Dr Quek is always curious and always on to something new and interesting or learning another new skill; dental or otherwise.
Being a passionate perfectionist, he will dive in depth and focus in his subject of interest and inevitably gain a level of mastery over it.
His thirst to improve and learn never cease.

He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2005. Was in the Dean's List for 2 years.

"Quek and me Dental Surgery" was established end of 2012, after he fulfilled government bond and working in private practice for 8 years. 

"Quek and me Dental Surgery" was the result of Dr Quek seeking to create a small happy team of like-minded individuals with the main objective of doing good work and enjoy doing it. 
Work should be a passion and enjoyment not a chore or a means to seek out a living.

Think: "Happy Team + Good Work = Happy patients"
The clinic's name is a reflection that effective treatment is based on the efforts of the dental team working together with you.
We want to provide you with the information and skills to achieve cost effective and long term good oral health.

Our success is NOT just doing the best work we can for you, giving you satisfaction in our services.
but to walk together with you in the journey to bid goodbye to the dreaded cycle of recurring diseases, neverending treatments and escalating costs.

"Quek and Me" We are together as a team and we are not going to let you fall. That is our commitment to you.