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Clinic Policy

Appointment Policy

We aim to provide quality dental care to all our patients in a timely manner. Late arrivals, cancellations, and No Shows cause inconvenience and affect treatment time.


The appointment that is booked is designated to the patient who has booked the appointment. This time slot will be no longer available to other patients. To release your reserved time to other patients, please call our clinic as soon as you know you will not keep your appointment.

Late Cancellation

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Late cancellation will result in double booking, You may need to wait 

Booking Deposit

A deposit collection is required if the appointment is for more than 1 session (45min) or lab work is involved. 50% of the future treatment cost will be collected as a deposit and will be offset on your actual treatment day. Applicable treatments are Crown/Implant Surgery/Ortho consult/record taking. There is no refund for the deposit in case of late cancelation.


* Indicated price is inclusive of 8% GST
* All visits are subjected to a dental consumable charge of $10.80

1) Medisave Claimable (amount claimable is dependent on type of surgical procedure done)

2) All medications and related post care products are excluded from the stated treatment price.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive and only serves as a guide. For more detailed pricing please arrange for an appointment with our doctors.

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