Scaling, Polishing

Remove stuff the body doesn't like. Scaling,Polishing is to remove stain and little tiny creature. scaling is for hard stuff stuck to the teeth whereas Polishing is soft stuff

Root Planning

This is complex cleaning, targeting dirty stuff under the gum. This is difficult cleaning as removing target cannot be seen , done by feel.

Surgical root planning

Numb, cut, flip the gum down to see the hidden dirty stuff and clean by looking

Remove rotten tooth structure, and build the tooth back with the manmade material


Loosen and remove damaged, failing, failed tooth

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth has a space to house nerve and blood supply. When you have a crack , decay, gum disease, infected material can get into this space. When that happen, you will get pain and loss of function . Root Canal treatment is to take out infected stuff out of your root canal

Surgical Removal of Tooth

Cutting of gum, bone and tooth Structure of damaged, failing, failed tooth


(Mask) for the mouse to replace function to return aesthetic​ and function to the patient. Involve making teeth on top of the artificial structure that will sit on to the jaw (inside the mouth. It is recommended when 1. Don't want surgery ( bone grafting and implant placement) 2. When cost competitive option is required 3. Temporary mean to replace teeth before implant tooth is placed


Crowns & Bridges

Crown; a jacket of artificial material cemented on to the tooth

Push and pull teeth with a help of wire and rubber bands, try to get harmonious aesthetic and function

Teeth Whitening
Dental Implant

To make the teeth look whiter and brighter using chemical that breakdown unwanted color pigment

Placement of a replica tooth root in a form of screw into the bone to support an artificial tooth