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Advance Your Career with
Quek And Me

Team Paddle

As Quek And Me Dental Surgery embarks on an exciting phase of expansion, we are actively seeking passionate and skilled professionals to join our dedicated team. At the heart of our clinic is a commitment to providing exceptional dental care with a personalized touch, and we believe in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Why Choose Quek And Me Dental Surgery?

  1. Commitment to Excellence: We take pride in delivering top-notch dental services, and we are looking for individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our clinic is equipped with the latest advancements in dental technology, providing our team with the tools they need to excel in their practice.

  3. Team Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration. Join a team of professionals who value teamwork, support, and continuous learning.

  4. Patient-Centered Care: Our focus is on providing compassionate and patient-centered care. If you are passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives, [Dental Clinic Name] is the place for you.

  5. Career Growth Opportunities: As we expand, so do the opportunities for professional growth. We are invested in the development of our team members and provide avenues for career advancement.

Explore the exciting career opportunities at Quek And Me Dental Surgery. Join us in our mission to make a difference in the world of dental health.

If you are ready to be part of a dynamic team in a clinic that values both its patients and employees, we invite you to apply and grow with us at Quek And Me Dental Surgery.

Available Positions

Dental Assistant (Open)
Dental Hygienist (Open)
Dentist (Open)

Dental Assistant Intern

A program spanning 3-4 weeks with a minimum of 54 hours, offering an opportunity to delve into the field of dentistry.

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Dental Assistant

Smiles meet precision, and your chairside charm is just as important as your impeccable instrument-passing skills!

Patient care officer

Where every 'Hello' is a dose of comfort, every 'How can I help you today?' is a prescription for reassurance, and your ability to make waiting rooms feel like living rooms is nothing short of therapeutic!

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Clinic Manager

Calling all maestros of organization and champions of smooth operations

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dental hyginest

Join our dental hygienist squad, where plaque is the enemy, and you're the superhero armed with a scaler! Turning frowns upside down and making sure pearly whites shine brighter than your favorite dental mirror!

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Digital marketing Champion

Become our Digital Marketing Champion – where hashtags are your battle cries, pixels your paintbrush, and you turn the vast digital landscape into a canvas of captivating campaigns that leave the competition scrolling for more!

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reporting analyst

Be the Sherlock of spreadsheets and the maestro of metrics – our reporting analyst role is where numbers tell stories, and you get to write the plot twists in data-driven dramas with flair!

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Join our dental team, where every day is a 'brush' with excitement, 'filling' your schedule with smiles, and 'extracting' joy from turning routine checkups into unforgettable experiences!

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How To Apply?

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