Braces for Kids

Orthodontic Checkup

Generally, permanent teeth erupt around the age of 6.

By age of 7, teeth occlusion/bite is established, hence this is the perfect timing for the first orthodontic assessment. Through the assessment, we can identify the critical growth and development issues early and treat them using braces. We can achieve good dental health, balanced facial features, and good function with timely early interventions.

Your little ones are actively growing during this period till their puberty. During this time window, we can guide the vigorously growing bone to achieve good esthetics and function. Beyond this, some alignment issues can only be surgically treated during adulthood.

Why Kids braces is better?

Shorter Duration

The alignment of teeth in growing children is faster and easier, so a relatively simpler method can be used, with a shorter treatment duration compared to adults.

Consistent Result

Teeth aligned during teenage years relapse less than that done in adult phase.

Help to change the facial structure

Braces treatment during the growth period may help in the improvement of facial bony features and overall function. 

Problem prevention

Prevention of severe under-bite, overbite