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Dental Assistant Internship Program

Are you considering dentistry as your future career, or are you simply curious about the world of dentistry and dental assistance? Look no further than the internship program at Quek And Me Dental Surgery. Our program offers an exciting hands-on experience that will leave you inspired and informed about the dental profession.

Students Chatting On Stairs

Program Overview

  • Duration: The internship spans over 4 weeks, requiring a commitment of at least 6 hours per day, three days a week, totaling 72 hours of hands-on experience.

  • Focus Areas: Throughout the program, interns will engage in practical learning experiences focused on basic dental assisting techniques, proficient patient digital record taking, and other miscellaneous tasks vital to the dental practice environment.

  • Internship Allowance: As a token of appreciation for your dedication and commitment, participants will receive an internship allowance upon successful completion of the program.

  • Certificate of Completion: Upon fulfilling the program requirements, interns will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, acknowledging their valuable contribution and newly acquired skills in dental assisting.

  • Extended Internship Opportunities: Should you wish to extend your internship duration beyond the initial 4 weeks, arrangements can be made to accommodate your continued growth and development in the dental field.


Express Your Interest:

If you find this internship opportunity appealing and believe it aligns with your career aspirations, please do not hesitate to express your interest. We are eager to welcome enthusiastic individuals who are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills in the dentistry.

How To Apply?

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