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Gum Treatment

80% of an adult has a gum-related problem. Mostly it is asymptomatic in the beginning but gum swelling, bleeding and the shaky tooth may develop later. 


Premium Dental Cleaning

Premium dental cleaning incl.

3 procedures;



Fluoride treatment.

This procedure is done by a dentist.

Root Planning

Root planning is required when there is a severe calcified buildup especially deep below the gum level.

This process is used to smooth the root surfaces of the teeth, allowing the gum tissue to more firmly attach to the roots.

Root planning removes toxins from the gum and calcified buildup from the tooth surface deep beneath the gum tissues. It requires a lot more time and is usually done over multiple weekly visits.

Surgical Root Planning

Surgical root planning requires local anesthetic. It is required when non-surgical root planning cannot control and resolve gum and bone infection.

It involves the release of gum tissues to expose the tooth and bone fully, in order to access and remove the concealed infective debris and calcified accumulation on tooth structure.

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