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Implant Process

1. Assesment

The implant process will start with the assessment with X-rays/CT scans.

(Picture explanation - Original bone around 1.8mm thickness. Unable to replace the tooth with an implant for the patient. The patient can only have the tooth replaced with a denture as the last molar is also shaky.)

Post bone grafting X-ray

3. Placement

Implant Placement

Step 1 and 3 can happen on the same visit depending on quantity and quality of original bone.

Post implant crown issue X-ray
X-ray assesment for bone grafting

2. Additional Surgery

Applicable only for the patients who do not have enough bone on the implant site. 

(Picture explanation - shown after a sinus lift and bone augmentation/grafting. Bone created for implant placement at missing tooth site).

Post Implant Surgery X-ray

4. Impression

Impression Stage & Crown Issue

Treatment Details


3-6 Months


placeholder (1).png

3-7 Visits



Local Anesthetic



Regular Visit

Regular Visits required for the maintenance

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