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Transforming Smiles: A Young Child (12YO) Braces Case

One month progress after orthodontic braces application in a 12-year-old child

The photo above was captured just 4 weeks after the appliance was fixed.

Witnessing such swift transformations is truly inspiring.

Bringing confident smiles to young faces is a rewarding journey in orthodontics. Today, we delve into a unique case involving a young patient with crooked and messy teeth, eager to embrace the transformative power of braces for a radiant smile.

Case Overview:

Our patient presented with concerns about crowding, seeking a solution to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. A thorough examination revealed a Skeletal Class III structure with a deficient maxilla, establishing the foundation for our treatment approach.

Clinical Findings:

  1. Skeletal Class III

  2. Deficient Maxilla

  3. Dental Class I Relationship

  4. Mild Crowding in both Upper and Lower arches

  5. Complete dentition with no missing teeth

  6. Developing tooth germs for #18, #28, #38, & #48

Diagnostic Imaging:

Comprehensive diagnostic tools, including OPG and lateral cephalometric radiographs, were employed. No buried supernumerary teeth were identified, and developing tooth germs for future teeth were observed.

Treatment Plan:

Based on the assessment, a collaborative decision was made to proceed with fixed upper and lower metallic appliances. This approach aims to address the mild crowding and establish a harmonious dental alignment.

Additional Considerations:

To optimize correction and modify the deficient maxilla, there is a Keep-In-View (KIV) recommendation for Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE) and Facebow. These components will be considered as part of the treatment plan after further consultation, additional X-rays, and comprehensive record-taking, including pre- and post-treatment photography.

Patient Agreement:

Crucial to the success of any orthodontic treatment is the patient's understanding and commitment. In this case, both the patient and their parent were agreeable to proceed with the recommended treatment plan.


Embarking on this orthodontic journey with our young patient is not just about achieving a beautiful smile but also about fostering proper dental alignment for improved functionality and oral health. As we move forward with the treatment plan, we are excited to witness the positive transformation and the blossoming of a confident, radiant smile.

Stay tuned for updates on this captivating orthodontic case, as we navigate the intricacies of correcting crowding and achieving optimal dental harmony for our young patient.

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