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Retained Root Case Reports

The Tale of Tooth #16 - From Gross Caries to a Fresh Start
Retained Root

An ordinary dental appointment turned extraordinary when Tooth #16 embarked on a remarkable journey. This tooth, once a source of discomfort and pain, underwent a complete transformation, emerging as a clean slate.





A Rough Start


Tooth #16 had seen better days. Suffering from severe decay, it had one of its roots separated, causing discomfort and pain. Additionally, a slight metallic sound during gentle percussion hinted at very dense bone and possible ankylosis.


The solution was clear: removal of the retained root or roots. After discussing with the patient, options for a dental implant, bridge, denture replacement, or leaving the space empty were considered. A pre-operative cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan was conducted to ensure precision and success in the procedure.

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Retained Root X-RAY

The Tooth Unveiled

During the procedure, it was discovered that Tooth #16 had three roots: long, wide, and jointed, especially the mesial-buccal (MB) and palatal (P) roots. Adding to the challenge, the distal-buccal (DB) root was separated, presenting a complex dental conundrum. However, our skilled dental professionals were well-prepared to handle this intricate situation.

Caries: An Unexpected Guest

While Tooth #16 was the main focus, Tooth #25 also had its own dental caries issue that needed attention. With the patient's informed consent, the procedure for Tooth #16 was set in motion, with plans to address Tooth #25 on a later day.

The Journey Begins


The patient was cleaned and draped, setting the stage for a meticulous procedure. The initial steps involved making an incision and raising a buccal flap. This was followed by bone guttering, tooth sectioning, and the careful elevation of Tooth #16 in four separate pieces.

After the successful extraction, thorough curettage and irrigation with saline were performed. To ensure optimal healing, balanced salt solution (BSS) was used for secondary closure. Hemostasis was maintained throughout the procedure, and post-operative CBCT scans confirmed the complete removal of the tooth with no remnants left behind. Importantly, the maxillary sinus and adjacent teeth were not affected by the procedure.

X-Ray Shows Retained Root Extracted

A Fresh Start


Tooth #16's journey from gross caries and retained roots to a fresh start is a testament to the skills, dedication, and precision of our dental professionals at Quek and Me Dental Surgery.

This dental odyssey highlights that even the most challenging dental situations can be addressed with expertise and care, resulting in healthier and happier smiles. Our dental professionals are here to guide and support you on your oral health journey, ensuring a brighter and more comfortable future.

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