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Expert Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Fully Embedded and Impacted Removal
Impacted Wisdom Tooth X-RAY

The patient presented with discomfort and swelling, seeking relief. A thorough examination and pre-operative CBCT scan revealed that tooth #38, fully embedded in bone and impacted, required extraction. The patient, understanding the diagnosis, requested the removal.

Prior to the procedure, we discussed the extraction process, potential risks, and associated costs.

Despite potential risks, the patient agreed to proceed with the wisdom tooth extraction.

After securing the patient's consent, we initiated the procedure. Local anesthesia was administered to ensure patient comfort. Once numb, we carefully raised the buccal flap and sectioned the impacted tooth into manageable pieces for removal.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth #38: Fully Embedded in Bone

Our skilled team meticulously removed impacted wisdom tooth #38 in seven pieces. Post-extraction, we performed curettage, irrigated with saline, and used BSS for primary closure. Hemostasis was achieved, and the patient was reassured throughout the procedure.


As the procedure concluded, our patient left Quek and Me Dental Surgery with relief and satisfaction. The successful extraction of impacted wisdom tooth #38 was made possible by our skilled team and the patient's commitment to dental health.

If you're experiencing dental issues or have concerns about your oral health, contact Quek and Me Dental Surgery today. We offer compassionate care and effective solutions for all your dental needs.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removed X-RAY

Tooth #38 Removed

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