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A Dental Odyssey: The Tale of Tooth #16 - From Gross Caries to a Fresh Start

Retained Root Infection one of the reason why you have tooth pain

Imagine this: a seemingly ordinary dental appointment, but with a fascinating twist. Tooth #16 embarked on quite the journey, transforming from a source of discomfort/tooth pain to a clean slate.

A Rough Start

The story begins with Tooth #16, which had seen better days. Gross caries had taken their toll, leading to the unfortunate separation of one of its roots. Additionally, the tooth exhibited a slight metallic sound on gentle percussion, indicating that very dense bone and the possibility of ankylosis.

The prescribed course of action was clear: the removal of the retained root or roots, with the patient's agreement and the option to explore dental implant, bridge, or denture replacement, or even leave the space empty. A pre-operative cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan was taken to ensure precision.

Retained Root X-RAY

Leaving a retained root in the jaw can have various consequences and potential complications. {Click here to understand more}

The Tooth Unveiled

Upon delving into the procedure, it was revealed that Tooth #16 had three roots. These roots were long, wide, and jointed, particularly the mesial-buccal (mb) and palatal (p) ones. To complicate matters further, one of the roots, the distal-buccal (db), was separated. It was a dental conundrum, but one that our skilled dental professionals were well-prepared to tackle.

Caries: An Unexpected Guest

While Tooth #16 was the star of the show, it wasn't alone in its dental drama. Tooth #25 had a dental caries issue of its own, which required attention. With the patient's informed consent, the procedure was set in motion, leaving tooth #25 for later day.

The Journey Begins

The patient was cleaned and draped, and the stage was set. The initial steps included incision and raising a buccal flap. Then came the bone guttering, tooth sectioning, and the careful elevation of Tooth #16 in four separate pieces.

Following the successful extraction, thorough curettage and irrigation with saline were performed. To ensure the best outcome, BSS (balanced salt solution) was placed for secondary closure. Hemostasis was maintained, and post-operative CBCT scans confirmed the absence of any remnants. Notably, the maxillary sinus and adjacent teeth were spared from involvement in the procedure.

Retained Root Removed Post X-RAY

A Fresh Start

Tooth #16's journey from gross caries and retained roots to a fresh start was a testament to the skills, dedication, and precision of dental professionals.

As we conclude this dental odyssey, we're reminded that even the most challenging dental situations can be addressed with expertise and care, leading to healthier and happier smiles. Dental professionals are here to guide and support patients on their oral health journeys, ensuring a brighter and more comfortable future.

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