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Orthodontic Case Briefing: Class I

OPG showing multiple issue - missing teeth, retained root, Impacted Wisdom Tooth
Pre-Orthodontic Treatment X-RAY
Missing Teeth, retained root, impacted wisdom tooth, crowding resolved
Post-Orthodontic Treatment X-RAY

The patient presents with the following characteristics and concerns:

  1. Class I Incisal Relationship: The incisors of the upper and lower jaws occlude normally without any deviation from the ideal relationship.

  2. Facial Profile: The patient exhibits a normal facial profile, suggesting harmonious facial aesthetics.

  3. Missing Teeth: The patient has multiple missing teeth, including #16, #26, #27, #36, #38, #46, and #48. These missing teeth create gaps in the dental arches, affecting both aesthetics and function.

  4. U/L Crowding: Among the remaining teeth, there is crowding evident in both the upper and lower dental arches. Despite the missing teeth, there is adequate space available to address the crowding and align the remaining teeth properly.

  5. Post-Orthodontic Treatment Plan: Although orthodontic treatment can address the crowding and align the remaining teeth, there are limitations to closing the spaces left by the missing teeth. The patient is unable to achieve complete closure of the spaces solely through orthodontic means. Therefore, post-orthodontic treatment options such as bridges or implants will be required to close the remaining gaps effectively.

Treatment Duration: 2 years. Metal Braces Used.

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